An Act of Prayer

Acknowledge the Creator God Most High;

His food is sunlight and His drink is rain; He feeds and waters the uninhabited forest.

When we go to the throne of God's grace, we must reflect first on Who it is we are coming to and why He is worthy. His death on the cross and His resurrection are the exclamation point at the end of; I LOVE YOU!

His power to make good out of evil.

His love is real and can save the most corrupt person.

His willingness to show love is tangible.

He rebuilds the wastelands within the people that others have given up on.

He speaks with authority and disciplines with love.

He is gentle when we are young.

He rejoices to see our glorious progress when seemingly all hope is lost. 

He is there when no one else is!

He speaks in our thoughts and warns us with questions, then gives us the wisdom to answer them.

He is our friend, our redeemer, our hope, our savior, our comforter, our strength, and our energy. Without God our purpose is lost.

He is a teller of great testimonies and longs for us to have faith that endures the test of time.

He marvels when we are faithful and obedient to His word.

He longs for us to understand His love and desires us to share it with others, unconditionally;

He is Christ the LORD 

Confession of sin

Greed, Jealousy, Envy, Pride, arrogance, selfishness, lust, careless words, gossip, slander, lying and gluttony


Thank Him for salvation, wisdom, understanding, to love and to be loved, a warm sun on a cool fall day, a cool breeze on a hot summer day, colors of flowers, sight, hearing, sunrise and sunset.

Thank Him for rain, beautiful fish and birds, animals of all kinds, so many you will never know them all, the precious smell of a new born baby, the sound of a child laughing. Kind thoughts and words, delicious foods of every kind, so many you will never taste them all.

Thank him for huge trees, blue skies, countless stars, our ability to express emotion, friends and family, jobs to keep us busy. For medicine when we are sick and doctors when bed and rest is not enough, opportunities to help others. The smell of coffee, new fallen rain, fresh baked bread, and a fresh cut orange.

Thank him for teachers, pastors, law enforcement, government, military, music, care givers, and first responder’s.

Thank Him for knowledge and the ability to apply it, compassion and opportunities to express it. The Word of God, the Holy Spirit, second chances, Heaven and Hell, the ability to love good and to hate evil.

Then, bring your concerns before the LORD, through supplication.